“Price employs clever, precise writing that’s evocative and atmospheric without venturing into gory horror. This truly grim version of the future will keep readers riveted.”
Publishers Weekly

“An existential odyssey to the soul of a climate-torn Europe to come. Grant Price’s progressive outlook on (wo)man-made climate change is done justice through diverse, multicultural perspectives written in cinematic prose.”
Nicholas Potter, EXBERLINER Magazine

“Part adventure tale, part dystopian novel, this is an immersive story about survival and how the notion of the future keeps people going … a future-focused adventure with meaningful individual and global stakes.”
Foreword Magazine

“A gut-punch of a novel … By the Feet of Men mines the depths of human despair to make the message abundantly clear: we don't have time.”
Mårten Thorslund, We Don’t Have Time

“Like a good action movie … with prose that keeps you engrossed the whole time.”
Future Fire Magazine

“A fascinating novel full of intriguing and engaging characters on a dangerous adventure … [a] post-apocalyptic triumph.”
David Turton, author of THE MALAISE

“A new take on how the world can be changed by the hands of mankind.”
Long and Short Reviews