Here / Now


According to Chapter 9, Section 3, Subsection 4 of the Orwellian manual my publisher sent to me, I’m supposed to have my own website because author branding + targeted content + follower base = sales. I am reminded of the great Bill Hicks rant.

This is what I have so far:

Links to my novels (the real one and the not real one) / Links to my short stories / An about page written as though somebody that wasn’t me wrote it (I wrote it) / a blog.

I’ll be adding and tweaking as I go along (at least until pressing real-life issues like the sixth mass extinction event make me wonder why I’m bothering to do this when I should be learning skills like agroforestry or how to kill).

Do check in here from time to time. There’ll be thoughts.

Amo Bishop Roden.