#WeDontHaveTime Climate Conference

So I’m going to a climate conference in Stockholm on Monday (22nd April) and joining a panel of artists talking about how they use their art to communicate climate change. I’ll be throwing out a few half-baked observations and wondering whether my inability to formulate complete sentences in English and my inevitable brain freeze halfway through a word is due to the fact that:

- I’ve been living in Germany for such a long time and automatically internationalise/dumb down anything I’m saying

- I only started taking vitamin B12 supplements six years after becoming a vegan and a lack of B12 causes memory loss

- I was always terrified of public speaking and this fear manifests itself as a kind of mental stammer

- All of the above.

Should be fun, anyway. Lots of time to read on those 18 trains to Sweden.

The conference will be broadcast live on YouTube (I think) and on the We Don’t Have Time website (again, I think). I’m on at 15:45.