Chart / January

I don’t listen to music while writing. It’s too distracting. But it’s good for getting into the right mood just before starting. While writing By the Feet of Men, for example, I listened to a lot of Boards of Canada and Tangerine Dream because it’s coldwarm and apocalyptic with a touch of hope. During the long, tortured sessions for Static Age, my failed sketch of toxic masculinity, it was mainly Queens of the Stone Age’s first album, Misfits and Minutemen. Rock and/or roll.

Here’s what’s tugging on my aurals in this poured-concrete January:

  1. Yves Tumour feat. Croatian Amor - Economy of Freedom

  2. Radiohead - Ill Wind

  3. Chrome Sparks - Juno Lion

  4. Ty Segall - Alta

  5. Jeff Tweedy - The Red Brick

  6. Sons of Kemet - My Queen is Anna Julia Cooper

  7. Pye Corner Audio - Deep Space Probe

  8. Lara Sarkissian - Tell Me, Where Do the Butterflies Live

  9. Low - Dancing and Blood

  10. Ichiko Aoba - テリフリアメ

hey Sputnik.

hey Sputnik.