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So my little-known existentialist dystopian post-apocalyptic climate fiction road novel By the Feet of Men has been out in the world for all to buy and read and review for a month now. Sales have been above expectations according to the publisher, which is fine, but how does Grant Price feel, is more the burning question. ‘Twas a difficult couple of weeks after it came out. You work for three years on a project and you complete it and the anticlimactic abyss stares back at you. I had virtually no desire to write, and I was a little demotivated by how quickly the novel had its week in the sun and then disappeared from all charts forevermore. But such is life. I managed to get over the dip just as autumn turned its piercing gaze onto Berlin. I’ve also started working on a fourth novel. Eco-fiction. My bread and butter. We’ll see how that goes over the coming months.

Roundup: As stated at the beginning of September, I wrote a piece about flashbacks for Mary Robinette Kowal, which kept popping up on strange websites all over the Internet. Over at The Qwillery, I answered some questions about why I bother writing, how I bother writing and who I bother while writing. What about reviews? Well, Mr Joseph D’Lacey, author of MEAT who counts Stephen King among his fans, decided that my book was worth a read, which is great. Another author, Terry Tyler, said it was “inventive and well-researched”, which vindicates my hours of watching YouTube videos about trucks, while YET ANOTHER AUTHOR, Dennis Stephan (who just had Und in mir ein Ozean published), made me laugh by describing the story as “a futuristic Western where post-apocalyptic cowboys ride their vehicles searching for a reason to live on”. In non-novel news, Allegory Ridge published an essay I wrote about Oman called, fittingly, The Solitude of Oman, on its lovely Marie Kondo-esque website. Happy about that.

Fill my autummy:

  1. Four Tet - Anna Painting

  2. Rival Consoles - Memory Arc

  3. Tonnovelle - Four Force

  4. Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi

  5. Biosphere - Chukhung

  6. Windy & Carl - Undercurrent

  7. Trentemøller - Foggy Figures

  8. Thurston Moore - 8 Spring Street

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hit the lights