Chart / July

The big news this month: I finished the second draft of Mekong Lights before Heat Wave Number II turned me into a puddle. I now have that cast-adrift feeling that I get every time I finish a draft, like everything is possible but the energy required to boot up Word and turn a blank page into a new story is simply not there. It is, though; I’ll just have to dig deep to find it.

I wrote a little piece about climate guilt for We Don’t Have Time, which was published on Medium and received a nice boost from the platform when they decided to spotlight it. In terms of reviews, Tony Jones at Horror DNA offered a kickass one, calling By the Feet of Men “a thoughtful and inventive addition to the environmental apocalyptic genre”, which is cool, as well as a request from Diamond at Biblioculus to turn the story into a trilogy. Probably need to sell some copies first.

Not a lot of music this month, which I attribute to spending too much time working:

  1. Freddie Gibbs/Madlib - Situations

  2. ROSALÍA - Aute Cuture

  3. Janelle Monáe - Django Jane

  4. Whitney - Giving Up

  5. Caroline Polachek - Door

  6. Sakanaction - 新宝島

  7. Four Tet - Dreamer

  8. Ride - Future Love

  9. Fatima/Floating Points - Mind

And a shout-out to the album Caligula by LINGUA IGNOTA, which is fucking terrifying from start to finish.